People check out a job for the income promised. But they stay because the company offers employee benefits.

Companies offer benefits to attract and retain their employees.

If your company does not offer an appropriate level of employee benefits, a competitor is going to steal away your best people. Unemployment is at an all time low. People know if they don’t work for you, they can pretty easily find a new job. Offering benefits give your people another reason to stay. That doesn’t mean your company has to pay 100% of everything. But it does mean your benefit program has to be attractive. The longer the list, the better the benefits program even if your company is NOT paying for everything. Your people need ad want access to benefits. They look to your company to give them access even if they have to pay part or all of the cost themselves. Give your people a long list of benefits.

Key Points about your company offering benefits:

  • There are some very attractive tax reasons to obtain benefits through an employer. This is an effective tax savings of 25-35% depending on the tax bracket of the employee. Employees cannot write off these plans outside an employer. Read more about Section 125 POP plan here.
  • Simplicity to the employees on selecting plans. We do the homework and help you choose the right plans for you and your people. Finding coverage on their own in the marketplace is a jungle full of insurance lingo. People often choose based on price then find out at the time of claim what they actually acquired. Help your people get the benefits they need and want through you, their employer.
  • Better availability of products and pricing. The individual medical plans are very limited in scope and network, for example

We can offer alternatives. We help you explain the choices so you and your people can make an informed decision.

Doing Benefits with The Begley Group:

We have worked in this market place for over 20 years. We know this area of insurance products and companies. We know what the process is and help our clients make administration easier. There are things we can’t do, but there are a lot more things we can do to make this part of your business much easier.

  • Access to insurance companies. We are brokers and know the products and options
  • Online software with all the medical plans and rates for new or renewal. making this part much easier. See the plans on a spreadsheet with premiums by employee and their contribution levels.
  • Same software offers online enrollment, administration and produces reports of the data for you and us.
  • Same software provides your employees access 24/7 to information about your benefits and to make changes.
  • Discuss the renewal 90 days before your plan renews.
  • Employee Group meeting to explain the changes
  • One on One Benefit Counseling meetings with your people to help them understand what is offered and make intelligent choices