Coronovirus Pandemic

By Notary

I don’t have to tell you life as we knew it changed rapidly this last week in Minnesota. We are “ordered” to keep our distance from each other to stop the spread of this virus. Social distancing is what they are calling it.

I know that all of us are being affected directly. What does this all mean for now and in the future? Time will tell.

We understand that it is difficult to cancel or postpone events. … Right now, however, we all must focus on reducing transmission of this virus. These social distancing measures can help delay and slow the spread of the disease and save lives.” — Leirion Gaylor Baird, Lincoln mayor, in a news release on battling the coronavirus.

I was on a webinar last week about COVID 19. Dr Ladd McNamara, the presenter, said that now is not the time to find out how healthy you are by getting exposed to COVID 19.

Stay save. Seek the truth from reliable sources. Keep your social distance. May the Force be with all of us.