Choosing benefits for your company is a strategic decision to recruit and retain employees. But administration of those benefits needs to be easier. Offering benefits with three – four companies means someone has to know how to make changes, terminations and additions to each of those product companies.

To make this process much easier for our clients, The Begley Group has implemented a better way of doing the administration. We have partnered up with UBenefit to provide online administration of your benefit plans.

All the benefit plans you offer will be in UBenefit giving you and your employees access to the information 24/7. You or your people can do online enrollment, make change or terminate coverage. We are notified of the changes and can assist you in making those changes with the carriers.

The best way to do administration of benefit plans for small employers is online. All small employers need to partner up with a benefits firm that gives access to such a tool.– Scott Whalen

If you want more info on how our system works contact us.