Income Protection Insurance

Your ability to earn a living is your most basic need. If you can't work and lose your income, then your whole world could be affected. Income allows you to create a lifestyle for yourself and your family. Bad things happen to good people. If you lose your income due to a sickness or accident, your income could be affected. How would you pay rent or a car payment or utilities.

Income Protection Insurance


Insure your ability to produce an income
Insure your occupation
Replace your income with tax free dollars
Work Part Time get part of a check

What's Covered:

Can't perform your occupation and suffer a loss of income
Include Residual to cover a partial disability with loss of part of your income
Cost of Living increases the benefit each year with inflation
Catastrophe Rider provides additional Long Term Care protection


Key Options:

Material and Substantial duties of your occupation
Benefit periods from 1 - 5 -10 or to retirement
Waiting periods from 30-60-90-180 days
Cost of Living (COLA) increases the benefit

Recommended Options:

Non-Cancellable & Guaranteed Renewal
Catastrophe Rider for Long Term Care
Waiver of Premium
Return of Premium

Specific Disability Products

Personal Plans:

Business Overhead Expense to cover your business expenses
Mortgage Disability to cover debt obligations
Buy & Sell Disability for a business
Key Person Disability Plans

What's Covered:

Percentage of your income
Benefits are not income to you
Customize the benefit to cover what you need income for
Premiums are not deductible
Dennis Begley
Life Insurance is for someone else. Disability income protection is for YOU to protect your lifestyle

Dennis Begley

Chief Operation Officer