Most of us spend more time planning a vacation than planning for a death or a disability.

Dennis has many years helping individuals and business owners plan for a premature death or disability. No one has a lease on life. We all know people that suffered from the death or disability of a loved one. And we all know what a mess that could be for the rest of the family.

Estate Planning is putting your personal affairs in order prior to you leaving your family in that kind of mess. It is making sure there is adequate money and income to allow your survivors to continue in the lifestyle you promised to them.

Needs Analysis is the mini version of an Estate Plan.

Both involve reviewing where you are currently, how you want your assets distributed or managed, making sure you have adequate life insurance, long term care and disability, and writing a will and/or trust.

We do not do legal documents. We provide the insurance dollars. But we can help you decide what those documents need to do and refer you to qualified legal counsel to write the documents. We have worked with many law firms in the Twin Cities.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your Estate Plan done. Sadly most planning like this is done when it’s too late to do what you really wanted to see happen.