Life Insurance

We buy life insurance because we love someone. Life Insurance can't replace you but it can replace the income you would have provided and can allow your survivors to remain in the world you promised them. Money is the only thing that can help your family is something happens to you. No one wants their families to have to change their lifestyle. And adequate life insurance is the ONE tool you can acquire that will do prevent that.

Types of Life Insurance


Term Life for short term needs like a debt or mortgage or education fund
Permanent or Whole Life Insurance to last you a lifetime
Universal Life Insurance for the flexibility
Most plans have a combination of all the above

Options to add

Waiver of Premium to pay premiums during a disability
Long Term Care Rider to advance the death benefit if you can't take care of yourself
Terminal Illness Rider to advance the death benefit in the case of a terminal diagnosis
Children's Life Rider

Family Life Insurance


Insure your Spouse to protect you and the family
Insure your children with their own life insurance and guarantee their insurability in the future
Guarantee your spouse's retirement
Education Fund for your spouse and/or your children


Guarantee Future Insurability
Long Term Care Rider for you and your spouse
Supplement your retirement with tax free income
Waive your children's policies with Payor Waiver if something happens to you

Long Term Care Insurance


If you live long enough someone is going to have to take care of you
You will have to pay for that with your assets or retirement plan
Or you have Long Term Care Insurance
The MN Partnership programs exempts your assets if you have LTC coverage

What's Covered:

If you can't do TWO of the six activities of daily living
Home Health Care
Nursing Home Care
Assisted Living Facilities

Tahlia Bidmead
The right kind of life insurance is what you own when you die.

Tahlia Bidmead

Chief Operation Officer