Personal Insurance

If you are looking for Individual & Personal Insurance Plans, we have the experience and access to plans that will take care of those needs or wants. .

Life Insurance


Term Life for short term needs
Universal Life for flexibility of premiums or need
Whole Life to last your life time
Most people need a combination of one, two or all three kinds


Waiver of Premium to pay Premiums if you get disabled
Long Term Care Rider to access Death Benefit in advance
Children's Life Insurance Rider
Paid up in 20-30 years or pay for your lifetime

Long Term Care Plans


If you live long enough someone is going to have to take care of you
You pay for the care with your assets or insurance
Protect your retirement income for you or your spouse
Include your spouse and share his/her benefit

What's Covered:

Can't do 2 our of 5-6 Activities of daily living or mental issies
Nursing Home and Assisted Living Coverage
Reimbursement of costs and cash benefit
Home Care


Serious Illness Insurance


Protect Your income with Disability
Accident Plans
Hospital Plans pays cash to you
Cancer and Dread Disease Plans to provide additional dollars medical doesn't cover

What's Covered:

Illness and/or Accidents
Being in the Hospital
Diagnosed with a Serious and/or Terminal condition
Dollars for you and your family for an Accident
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